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check this baby out....

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nice paint job... they need to lose that exhaust. add a stealth one.
that micron is distracting the view.
I've been more of form follows function kind of guy.
Compare this bike to a MotoGP bike or especially a Britten.
Those bikes are entirely purposeful with decals and paint as a side note.
Speaking of the Britten, I could stare and drool for hours looking at that bike.
An incredible piece of work. So far ahead of it's time, like the SR-71.
She was not that hot. And the bike has too much chrome for my likes. But that's me.
I have that issue of superstreetbike. A little flashy for my taste IMO. But, definitely nice work.
dat really hot wz 2 round lights...he...he...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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