Hey all, i realize this is a new account so haven't built up forum cred as of yet, but bare with me here. Due to this i would be happy to meet up with any member in south florida so they can either verify the frame for the buyer, or even sell to them so they can then ship frame to you.

Having said that, i am certainly not new to the RC bike. Long since moved on from the Rogue/Speedzilla days until recently came across some RVT parts buried in storage/garage. Not doing any good sitting around so offering them up here before posting on ebay.

The buyer will have their choice of an 02 or 03 SP2 frame. Neither of which are frames from crashed bikes and guaranteed straight with a clean and clear title. The 02 frame is in good shape with typical cosmetic wear in the finish from side fairing edge meeting the frame rail, and typical tank touch points. With fairings and tank on bike none of this is visible at a glance. The 03 frame was stripped for powder coat and remains bare. One can either choose their own color, or get that bare metal brushed look the 04 frames have.

Just in case one is not aware the SP1(00-01) and SP2(02-06) are interchangeable. So either of these frames will work for all years of the RC51. I do not have the castle nuts or spacers needed for an interchange so keep that in mind if using for 00-01 motor.

PRICE..........I struggled with this because when looking around at what is out there prices are all over the place. Seen as little as 350 all the way up to 2,300(which of course is insane). Again, not being in the RC scene for so long i don't really have a great reference for this, so just going by what i feel would be a fair price if i were looking to buy one.
So, thinking $1,000 for either frame, which comes guaranteed straight and with clean and clear title, is reasonable. Yes, they are both the same price. The 03 might need color, but is a year newer so that is a wash to me. Just to be clear, that is $1,000 for EITHER frame. If you want both then lets discuss.

BTW, that price covers shipping up to $100 dollars. If if goes over that buyer will cover the difference. This should cover almost all shipping in the lower 48, but if you are in a far corner, or hard to reach area, feel free to send me your zip and i'll let you know if there might be anything additional.

Hang tight, will be getting pics up soon.