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Hope all are doing well & had a good weekend.
A while back, I had an issue with the aftermarket Clear Lens Alternatives taillight & wish to share my issue in case others may find themselves in the same sticky situation.
One evening, I'd decided to run the bike since it'd been sitting for more than a month. For some reason, I propped it up against the Driver's Room that I use to store it in a climate controlled environment, such that the front brake lever was depressed against the door jamb, causing the rear brake light to light up for 20 mins.
I noticed that the lights began to flicker & could see one of the rear red tail lamp begin to melt.
After switching off the bike, I proceeded to examine the tailight assembly & saw the bulbs melted away somewhat & stuck in the 2 socket holders. Luckily, none of the wires had melted. I then noticed that only one bulb would work as a brake light, while the other functioned as a running light. Pictures attached.
I proceeded to check out all the fuses & wires, going thru everything methodically & noticed that the bulbs reversed their functions when I reversed them in their respective socket holders (!).
After calling Karl at David Silver Spares in the UK & not getting a hold of him, because he was busy, I soon got a call back from him from the UK to my cellular phone number here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. How's that for service ?!?
After ordering & getting 2 rear taillight bulbs & 2 socket holders for them, I'm happy to state that the problem is resolved.
I'd researched the Forum for any problems similar to mine, but was unable to find anything. For those who know me, what I did was nothing short of Brain Surgery in its scope of difficulty & accomplishment !!
So, I'm posting this because the taillight cover & bulbs were the only Aftermarket Parts that I'd had on the bike.
It's great to have a Limp Home mode on our bikes, in case there's a problem like mine (!).
1st Picture : Brake Light on
2nd Picture : Running Light only


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