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Corbin seat

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Ive been looking at a corbin seat when i get my rc51. Are they defiantly worth it. Rode the rc51 for about 15 minutes and that seat is a plank
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I've talked to owner of other bikes that have the Corbin seat and they all seem to love it.
I'd love to find an RC51 owner in my area with one to try it out.
I don't find the stock seat too bad for short rides, and don't even notice it when riding through the twisties, but it got a bit hard on a long trip last year.
There's also the Sargent seat as well, which is similar to the Corbin.
I don't think its worth the $300 that they cost unless long rides is your thing. I mean I can go for a few hours before it starts to get painful and then I'm wishing I had one. I rode on a 51 that had one and they are very nice. Just seem alittle to high dollar for me. You can spot a good used one on ebay evry now and then.
from what i hear i should get one then. I dont know if i could take a 12 hour trip on that seat. so the next question is whats the difference between the two?
Padding and contour.
The seat contour forms more of a pocket to support you and the different padding adds more cushioning.
You tend to sit in it rather than on it.
I've talked to riders on many brands of bikes who use them and they all agree that it makes a difference.
I guess if I rode that much over long highway distances routinely I'd spring for the seat.
My riding tends to be short hauls so it hasn't been a necessity for me.
However last year I went on an all day trip with two 4 hour legs, and that last portion of the return leg was really making me consider one.
i have a corbin seat on my RC and usually ride 300-400 miles in a day..i love mine..definatly worh it
so corbin seems to be the way to go thanks guys.
I can't speak for how well the Corbin works on the RC, but it was the best money I ever spent on mods for my Blackbird. With the stock seat, the old ass-burn would set in at about the 200 mile mark, and from then on it was sheer agony all the way home. I bought a used Corbin (still pricey) and installed it, then took an all-day test ride. Unbelievable. The Corbin eliminated the pressure points from the stock saddle, and completely elimiated the pain.

That summer I took a 750 mile trip (one day's ride) to PA from TN, and the Corbin was a God-send, allowing me to cover the miles without agony. Only draw-back is that you're pretty much "planted" in one position w/ the Corbin, at least on the Blackbird, so if you tend to hang off the saddle alot when cornering, it does restrict your body movement a bit. I never found it to be a problem, but then I don't drag knee.
The Sargent seat is similar to the Corbin, and some models include a storage compartment in the seat.
Similar price though.
From an appearance standpoint, I think Sargent makes a nicer
seat than Corbin, they just seem to be detailed and of a better
quality. I understand Corbin's customer service sucks, whereas
Sargent is much better in that department. My only gripe about
Sargent seats is that you have to send them your old pan and
they essentially build you a new seat on your old platform. Corbin
builds their seats from scratch, so you basically "buy off the shelf".
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