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I'm at work and haven't dove into it yet so it might be something very very simple but here is the breakdown.
2001, SP1, 25k, Micron Exhausts, PC3, 15/41 etc. I don't know about a Flapper mod etc yet but will find out soon I'm sure.
On the way to work a couple of weeks ago I lost power, and the bike was clearly running on one cylinder on the freeway. I put my hand over the pipes immediately to find out which one and the left pipe smelled like fuel. No spark is my assumption.
I exited the freeway and rolling down the ramp the problem went away.
I hate that.
I thought I felt it running funny the day before for a quick moment but wasn't sure.
This is two weeks ago. I was hoping for it to resurface/get worse/ etc but it didn't until today.
On my way to an important meeting (of course) on the freeway it happened again as i was exiting.
I hit a change in the pavement and then it started running like shit again.
IT didn't clear up right away. It came and went,
I made it to the meeting, it sat for an hr, I got on it and it fired right up and made it back to the office no problem.
1.I believe it's electrical given current info.
2.It could be as basic as a plug wire loose but somehow I doubt it.
3. It comes and goes, it seems temperature is a factor but I'm not sure.
4. I got back on the bike and it fired right up and ran fine back to work.

Thoughts? I could really use em.

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Check the continuity on each coil wire with a multi-meter. Move wire around with the meter connected to see if they ever open.

Have you pulled the plug out of the suspect cylinder? I would check its condition too.

I hate to see you have to replace a CDI....get a manual to help with the trouble shooting.

Is the bike throwing any codes (FI light flashing)?
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