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Ive done a lot of bike decals over the years, but nothing like this one damn decal. I need to replace the decals on my SP1 now its back from paint, but this one has me sweating buckets. Picture below is of my SP2 for reference.

The worrying part is how much I will need to shrink the decal (convex surface requires shrinking while concave requires stretching). Too much heat and I F'k the decal, not enough and I F'k the decal

how would you approach this compound surface for application of the decal. Its on 3 different planes? I know about the heat/water (with soap and alcohol), im most interested in where to start and some additional techniques to "Work the decal" slowly

Here are pics of what it has to look like, the black decal at the centre of the picture.

-My idea is to apply release tape to the decal (currently has none) - make it more resilient to working it
-Apply it wet as per usual
-Also spray the release tape with water and use a heat gun /hair dryer to warm the vinyl — keep watering & heating the tape/vinyl with the spray bottle & heat gun
-Start on the vertical surface first (side) and then fold it over the top and work the horizontal surfaces from the centre out.


The other idea was to start in the middle along the main folded edge (between the vertical and horizontal planes) and work it evenly in all directions. The hard part there would be achieving an even edge at the bottom where only few millimetres of red paint are supposed to be visible.
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