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Time now for the December 2012 Bike Of The Month contest!

1) PM me with the best photo of your bike.
2) Entries will be received for the 1st week, and voting will commence on the 2nd week of the month.
3) At the end of the 2nd week, the Bike Of The Month (BOTM) winner will be announced.
4) That month's BOTM winner will not be allowed to compete in further BOTM contests for the remainder of the year.
5) Those that did not win will be allowed to compete next month.

6) When the December BOTM winner is announced, the Bike Of The Year (BOTY) poll will begin during the 3rd week.
7) At the end of the 3rd week, the 2012 Bike Of The Year (BOTY) winner will be announced!

For the prior BOTM winners, if you have a more recent photo of your bike you'd like to send for the BOTY contest, PM me your photo (and mods list if you wish) and add BOTY somewhere in the header so I can separate the December BOTM entries from BOTY entries.

The current 2012 BOTM winners, and candidates for 2012 BOTY are:
January atvrcr500
February sr2-e
March PedroSupertramp
April Clutchless45
May Gregness
June jondog9
July madbuyer
August Duckhunter
September 2004RC51
October Evad101
November Jobo

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endurance racer

foto of my bike;the world champion endurancer racer (manufactures) 2001

HRC parts ; frame kit parts , hrc dash , engine parts , swing arm ,radiator kit ext
ohlins ; superbike forks , shock , steeringdemper
pvm ; magnesium wheels whit quick change system
arrow ; works exhaust


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