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Diagnostic Help

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Sunday my RC died it coughed and ran for a few seconds and died. Sounded like running out of gas.After moving it out of the way, it started and ran for a mile or so and did it again. The fuel pump would start up and the bike would fire but act like it was out of gas. I got it towed home and the next day pulled the rear cowl and checked all the wiring.Started it up was running fine and idling o.k. After twenty minutes it did it again. I pulled the tank took out the pump and cleaned the screen.I did find that the pump lead was being pinched under tank. Put it back together and rode around the neighborhood.So far o.k. I talked to two different mechanics and they thought the pump might be going bad and one other person thought the tip over sensor was going bad. I show no fault codes on the dash. Any ideas? I was a long way from home when that happened and don't want a repeat. Alan:mad:
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If the lead was pinched, the pump was over worked and is going bad. That's why there a float in there so the pump doesn't pull air as well. So I'd say replace the pump.
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