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Hi all names Eric. Been riding about 10 years (nearly 8 of those on the RC). Spent the last few years riding solo as all my friends sold their bikes or are no longer with us RIP. I have a fiance and 2 daughters age 4 and 18 months. Because of them I ride safe these days when I get the chance to ride at all.

Bike: '00 RC51 (bought new 11/99) TBR CF slip-ons
I plan on adding flapper and soft rev limiter mod this fall. Other changes to come over this freezing winter. Undertail, flush mount front blinkers, 15/41, pcIII, and maybe a scotts damper (need more research to see if it's really worth it).

I'm FAR from a gear head and I wouldn't trust any of my friends to even change my oil. This project might take me awhile. Going to post in another section my thoughts on products and ideas for any opinions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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