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ok... so, I am still new here, and I have tried to search for an answer to this, here, google... hell, I've even asked jeeves. HA!

BUT, I have just picked up a '00 Rc51... she needed a little TLC (sat outside for far too much of her recent life, etc etc etc.). Well, I have now worked out nearly all of the kinks except one pretty major one. Here it is:

My gauge cluster is not working, and neither are my rear running lights.

Yes, of course, I have checked all of the grounds (pulled them off, sanded any corrosion, and put back), and, yes, I have changed the fuses (decided to go ahead and get all new fresh fuses on the bike). The cluster seems to have something rattling around in it somewhere. So, I am assuming it is shot. The connector has power (solid and switch). One time, after much pushing and tugging at the connectors, we managed to see the neutral light light up... but only for a second. As for the tail lights. The bulbs are brand new, and the brake lights work fine. Just not the running lights.

So, my theory is that I have read that the tag light, cluster, and running lights are on the same fuse (ie... circuit). Which leads me to believe that if something in the cluster is broken, then it must not be completing the circuit, and therefore, preventing the rear running lights from working.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Can anyone give me a better direction to go in terms of trouble-shooting etc?

thanks in advance.

(oh, I should probably tell you that the bike's undertail was modified in order to get rid of the factory "mud flap" by the previous owner. So, there is no tag light anymore, although the plug is still present under the seat. AND, it had aftermarket flushmounts mounted on the tail, but they were not working and got removed and tossed. However, if you turn on the turn signals, the fronts work fine, and the relay under the cowl clicks for the rears... just never worked).
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