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Ok, so I let the '03 sit over the winter and didn't hook it up to a battery tender. So the battery drained. I replaced the battery and the thing still won't start. The battery is showing 10.3V. as soon as I turn the ignition on, the battery drops to 7.75V. So, I hooked up the bike to a detached car battery and the bike starts right up. It's measuring 14.4V when the bike is running. Took the bike for a ride, runs great. Pull into the drive, turn it off, goto turn it back on, and the injectors prime, hit the starter button and nothing, not even a click. Check the battery, and there is 9.8V on it.
WTF? I put the new battery back on the charger for the night to see if I can get it up over 12.5V when off. I have disconnected the starter relay, the tip relay and the alternator to make sure there is no power drain from any of those things. Any Ideas where to look or start? I took off the stator cover and the stator looks clean and the contacts look clean as well.
Help!! It's getting nice out and I want to ride!

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