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Finished with the stator - it'll be much easier if I have to do it again.

Two quick questions:

Ok, so I decided since I had the bike apart anyway just to check the valve clearances as well, since it's got 24k and I doubt it's been done. Do you really need new seals for the cylinder heads? Or can I just reuse the old ones?

Also, I was going to do the flapper mod, but realized it's already been done. Looking at the throttle body though I had a few questions.

The vacuum lines to one of the throttle bodies have been modified, what you're looking at is the aft throttle body from behind. The middle hose has been capped off and the right hand one is open to the atmosphere, nothing is attached to it. Is this correct? Should it be capped as well? Should it be attached to something? Appreciate any and all help!



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