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I've been riding the same stock RC + TBR CF slip-ons for about 8yrs. I plan on keeping this bike for years to come. The following is my to do list over the next year or so. Some changes like rubber and sprockets will be done by my local shop, but I plan on doing most of the work by myself as a first time project. How else am I going to spend my sub zero winter? Comments, suggestions, reviews, and improvements are well very welcome as I'm a nub to the mechanical aspect of all motorcycles.

Flapper and Soft Rev mods (of course)

Power Commander III usb

ASV C5 Unbreakable Levers - shorty break/clutch. Because I hate both the look and feel of the stock levers.

AFAM Front Sprocket 530 to 520 conversion 15 tooth
AFAM Rear Sprocket 530 to 520 conversion 41 tooth - I know nothing about sprocket or conversions. More research and tech talk needed. I tossed these in to get opinions.

Proton Programmable Flushmount signals
Rumble Concept Undertail Storm Series I'm still looking for other options. But this is the best I've come across so far.

Michelin Pilot POWER 2ct - I usually go with the OEM replacement Dunlop D207's, but I wanna mix it up a bit with newer rubber on the market. Can I go bigger on the rear with stock rims?

Parts come out around $1500. I think that's pretty doable for a huge aesthetic and slight performance improvement.
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