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Hey guys just wondering what exhaust to use on my 2003 RC51, i was think either Jardine or micron, or Yosh, havent really decide, or if you have a different opion. thanks!
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Alot of people recommend the Sato CF exhaust.

but what are you going for?

a deeper tone or a HP gain.

That may make a difference
I was kinda thinking of a deeper sound, thats what i planed on going with, I like jardine and yosh the best, dont know much about micro or Sato, just like how i can get micron to match my new paint job, I am putting on a power cammander too. So would that make a difference?
slip on or full system?

just look on the power commander site and see what maps that have for you to download.

i use to have a jardine on my old GSXR750 and let me tell you that damn think is LOUD as heck!

i have yoshi on my current GSXR750 and i like the growl it makes.

I have a Micro on my 929rr and its soso.. i got it for a good deal and the boyfriend mostly rides that anyways so i don't care to much but im not to fond of it honestly
Well if i go with Sato, they only make Slip on, i did like the sound of that, i heard Jardine is load. My buddy has ot on his Gsxr600.
Yah it is loud especially at high rpms

but its not as bad as those D&D exhaust, I have a friend who has that on his GSXR600 also and I refuse to ride anywhere hear him. It hurts my ears especially when we go through a tunnel or under an underpass he feels the need to rev that annoying sh*t.

when he rides with us we stick him in the back.
Yeah, I had D&D on my Gsxr600, yeah it was to loud! But when i bought This RC51 a year ago, the guy had some Exhaust on it called Wolf, It had a good deep sound. But since i wrecked it i wanted to put something good on it, Yeah so I'm rebuilding the whole bike now.
post some pictures of your progress thus far!
How would I load pics of my bike on here, so i can show you guys the progress. Thanks
I've got LeoVince slip-ons, I like them, they are loud, but not too loud. It's not loud enough to annoy me at speed (even if I don't have earplugs in) but it's definitely loud enough to scare women and children (and set off the occasional car alarm).

Since I've had mine I don't think I've ever ran into another guy with an RC, so it's kinda hard to do a comparison. And remember, just because a particular brand sounds good on an inline four, doesn't mean it will on a v-twin, you might wind up with something you don't like.

How would I load pics of my bike on here, so i can show you guys the progress. Thanks
the easiest thing to do is go to photobucket and set up an account (it's all free) and then it's pretty easy from there. If you have any questions, post up and I'm sure someone will be able to help.

Or, when you are doing your "reply"s or whatever in the threads on the forum here, just use the attachment button (looks like a paper clip) and you can pull them off your desktop or whatever. I do believe there is a size limitation on attachments though.

I prefer to use the photobucket way because then the pictures will actually show up in your post like this:

instead of like the attachment at the bottom:


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I have heard the Sato before and am amazed at how good it sounds. It is one of the best sounding exhaust I have heard on a bike period.
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