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I had an 01 with yorshimera rs-3's. Now I'm looking to purchase an 04 that has erion pipes. Which are the better pipes and what would work better on the 04?
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Sorry, no experience with either.
Supposedly the king of slip-ons are the Sato's low (standard) mounts.

My bike had a full system on it when I bought it used, so I replaced it with a full race Akrapovic. As such, I have never used slip-ons.

Others may be able to answer your question.

Bear in mind that for street use, mid-range rules.
Better to have great mid-range than top end.
I don't really know either but I do know that the Erion's are pretty damn good. Honda is what they cater to. Yosh is just a good all around can. I think you'll be fine with the Erion's. Like sub said the Sato's are the best as far as slipons go.
Thanks all. I gues I'll keep on the erions and if i don't like em , I'll get the satos!
Got to throw in my two cents. Like Sub, I'm running a full two into two Ti Akrapovic on my '03 with great results. While my comments are biased, I will say the previous owner ran a two into one Akrapovic system after scrapping the OE unit. He ended up buying the 2X2 which it now sports. His claim was that the 2X1 produced a slight gain in the mids, but those gains came with a significant loss of power in the higher RPM's. Just food for thought...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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