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February 2011 Bike Of The Month Poll

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Thanks to all for their entries for the February 2011 Bike Of The Month (BOTM) contest!!
No further entries will be allowed.
For those who missed the entry period, please try again next month.

Now it's time to vote which bike should receive BOTM for February 2011.
The following entries are:


2006 rc51 5k miles and for sale


My RC51 is being rebuilt, so here is my one of it's old SBK twin rivals instead.

2003 Aprilia Mille R
Evoluzion Open Airbox
Colin Edwards Edition intake scoops
Colin Edwards Edition intake boot
Full Akrapovic SBK Exhaust system
Evoluzion Velocity Stacks
Evoluzion Fuel Pressure modifier
Evoluzion Pro Chip
Evoluzion Fender Eliminator/Integrated Tail Light
Factory Ohlins Front/Rear suspension
Factory Ohlins Steering Damper
Factory OZ wheels
CRG Levers
Motovation Framesliders
Carbon Fiber goodies everywhere


Hope u like it, i love it and i am vear proud of it.
Cheers buddha


Here is my 2002.


here's my bitch...
06 51
Sato carbon/ti
power commander
Matris / GMD suspension
BST carbon wheels
Gilles rearsets
Blue Dash kit
Driven rotors Fr/Rr
Scotts MS Brembo underslung rear kit
Carbon fenders
Scotts MS slim HID kit
LED undertail
Scotts damper
ALL free mods done
And more shit I don't care to remember...:confused:


Here are some of the mods on my RC51:
Custom paint, Black w/Pearl White
Flapper Valve mod,
Full Akrapovic Titanium/Carbon exhaust
520 Conversion, -1 +1
Zero Gravity Double Bubble
Sato Racing rear sets w/GP shift
Sato Racing Titanium exhaust hangers
Kyle Racing rebuilt front fork
Kyle Racing Clip Ons
Kyle Racing rear shock linkage
Stainless braided lines (all)
CRG Shorty Levers
LED undertail
Frame and swing arm sliders and more...

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geeeez....guess no one like Aprilias.:rolleyes: nice bikes though guys.:)

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Yeah, i love it. Fun bike, handle amazing, the Rotax is bulletproof, no serious maintenance issues, and they are pretty rare. thanks subsailor.

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Congratulations to ErikTheRed on winning Februarys Bike Of The Month contest! :)
And well done to all who entered.

While he basks in the glory, everyone else can polish their camera lens and prepare for the March contest! :)
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