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fill me in!!!

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i just recently got a 2000 rc51 i know very little about the bike i wish someone could put it all together for me and give me a couple of specs and its goods and bads..... thanks.
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Hello and welcome for the RC51 site.
2000 is a great year thats what I have. Its a great bike so I don't know what else to tell you. Not to many bads that I can think of.
I just got it yesurday I traded an old car I had for it but now I'm taking it to the shop to get it tuned and oil change and a quick inspection do you thinkb28 k miles is a lot for this year and model
Thats alittle over 3K miles per year and no I don't think thats bad at all. Mine has 22K on it and she purs like a kitten.
I have an '02 with 38K miles.
These are well built engines.
If well cared for, they last forever.
I have heard some riders with 60K to over 100K miles on them.
wow i thought 28k was bad on a bike but i guess not. do you guys do the maintenance on it your selfs or you guys take it to a shop..........
On a vtwin that 9yrs old its very good. On an inline 4 thats 9 years old its very good also. I don't think inline's hold up to the miles as well as vtwins do. I think that since bikes are so cheap you hear alot of "thats high miles for a bike" because you can get a newer one for such a low price.

I don't let anyone touch any of my vehicles + I get alot of satisfaction from knowing I did it myself
i would love to start doing things on my own but i want to start getting to know my bike better little by little since is my first bike
I do most of the work on my bike except for areas that require specialized equipment or tools that I don't have or can't afford.

Pretty much all engines these days are very well built.
If properly cared for, practically all of them will last a long, long time regardless if a twin or four cylinder.
Any engine abused or mistreated will prematurely wear out.

The high-mileage you speak is just a resale reference, just as for cars.
Beyond an arbitrary limit, the resale value falls.
That does not mean the machine is worn out. Unless it was abused and really IS worn out.
Unfortunately, the 600s are used as throw-away bikes due to their price.
Younger riders use 'em, abuse 'em, buy another.
The larger, more expensive bikes generally don't follow that pattern.
ok i see thanks for your help... another question my bike has a power commander what is this and what does it do to the bike and how much more hp it adds to the bike?
A powercommander allows you to adjust the fueling allowing you to make the bike run better. By itself it is great, but that along with some exhaust it is wonderful. Go to powercommander.com and you can read up all about it and you can also find the available maps they have for download
is it easy to change maps on your own?
the exhaust on my bike are the two brothers racinc titaniom c seies i dont know to much about it ...
Yes sir. Its as easy as uploading a file to your computer. If you got a laptop plug it into your power commander using a usb cable or if you have the pcIIIr use a serial cable. Then open the power commander software on your computer and click the map you want to upload and voila your done. Try to match up a map with the mods you have or you'll be off and the bike won't run very well.
the exhaust on my bike are the two brothers racinc titaniom c seies i dont know to much about it ...
If you go to the two brothers website you can download a map specifically for their exhaust. They did some r&d with the pcIII and their cans and are free to download off their site.
where would the power commander would be located on the bike?
Under the rear cowl.
Open the access panel or rear seat pad with your key.
It should be in there. Just find the specific model.
Go to Power Commander's web site and obtain the user manual for instructions to change maps.
thanks and i also have another question how do i reset the computer.? step by step if you know?
Reset the power commander?

When you pull up the program on your computer there will be an option to reset it. Just pull up the instructions on the website and it will give you step by step
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