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Finally a clean 2000 RC51

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I though I would introduce myself to the 51 forums. While looking for a clean used RC51, I noticed a very wide interpetation on what a clean bike is. The first one was a very clean 2004 with only 1200 miles on it. One problem with that bike was that it was flipped at least twice. The next 3 bikes all had something that needed to be repaired due to being downed at least once with duct tape repairs. Then when I though I'd would give up. I found a 2000 very showroom clean with tasteful upgrades with all of the original parts. This bike came with Ohlins and Two Brothers Ti. The previous owner took Pride when caring for this bike. If your focused on a RC51, you may have to log several miles in your pursuit of a clean RC51. My journey to find a clean RC51 was about 300 miles, and my showroom RC51 was finally found about 25 miles from my home.
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Sweet !!! I got a 2000 and its a great bike. Far from showroom but I'm gettin it there
Sounds like a cool find! I am in the process of looking for one myself!
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