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First ride of the year

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What's up everyone just took the rc out for the first ride of the year and got a lot of tumbs up from people. now i'm sure your all wondering why this is a big deal it's cause i reside in wisconsin where we still have over 2 foot of snow on the bround but the roads were clear of ice and temps were in the mid to high 30's so i took it out and will say of tje three bikes i've owned this one handles the cold the best
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LOL! good for you. clean that salt off!
Amen to that!
Salt will corrode the hell out of aluminum.
And if you have any exotic metals (titanium or magnesium) it will set up a vicious galvanic corrosion between them and other metals.
Lol for sure now if i could only get the front wheel four feet in the air with 2 foot of snow on the ground
Remember those kits many years ago where you pulled the rear wheel and fitted snowmobile tracks, and skis for the front wheel?

Go for it man!! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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