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Flapper valve and soft rev limiter

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Two things I don't like about the RC51 are the the flapper valve and soft rev limiter. Most riders can probably just barely feel they're there, some might not notice 'em unless you told 'em about 'em. Since I know they're there though it really bugs me.

I know the flapper valve is there for noise regulations, but sometimes you just have to let the v-twin roar even more.

I'm not sure about taking off the rev limiter though. It's at 9,500rpms (redline 10k) and I'm sure Honda has its reasons for putting it there.
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Just disable the flapper and do the soft rev mod (go to the mod page on www.rc51.org for step by step instructions).
is there any different on mod the soft rev mod..any power gain...i was thinking to do it as im using on track..wat is the maximum of the rpm if done the mod?
Don't just disable it take all that crap outta there. The single best mod for the 51 or just about any bike is shaving weight.

From what I've read the softrev mod is good for close to 5 extra horse. Don't worry about blowing your motor or anything because there is still whats called the "hard limiter" and you'll know when you hit that.
My race bike has the soft limiter mod. It hits the limiter just after 10k. It is ... shall we say, abrupt.
I was reading there is a difference, in doing hte soft rev limiter with a PCIII, i want to do this mod, but i was reading some funky feedback about doing it with the III anyone here did it thereself, and have some tips or anything>?
Im gonna start the flapper mod this weekend. Figured I would gut all that stuff out of there. Wish me luck lol
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