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First off, I should be using the euro maps since I did the soft rev mod correct? Also flapper, soft rev mod have been done. Air box is stock.

Had the FMF pipes on for a few weeks, love em. Sounded 100x better and added some power. Threw on a PCIIIusb with the (euro) yosh map, since I read that its a good base map to start tuning from. Feels a ton stronger, louder, but pops a TON on decel, and if I rev it at a stop fire shoots out the back. Also the throttle is ON/OFF, its almost impossible to maintain a constant speed. I like it to some degree, but its a little to crazy on the street at slow speeds. Pulls like hell though when I get on it.:D

Is there a different map thats a little more tame, or should I just richen up the yosh map. I noticed the yosh(euro) map is much more lean than other maps, especially above 8k, is that due to the euro's not having the soft rev limiter?

Cliffs: fmf pipes, yosh map, throttle is ON/OFF and bike backfires on decel. I want to make it more safe/tame for the engine and the street.
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