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Fng 03 Rc51

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Hey everyone, just surfing the net and found this awesome site and figured I would join. My name is Rod and I live in Iowa. I got my 03 RC51 last summer and love it. I have a PCIII on it and -1/+2 sprocket. Look froward to rockin this forum -Rod :D


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the gearing with dropping a tooth up front and adding two in back is excellent. First gear is way to tall with stock sprockets, it makes the hole shot a lot better now. I lost roughly 10-20 mph on my top end, but the low end was very noticeable, and I don't need to be going 180mph anyways :)
from one newbe to another, welcome.
Welcome! I was thinking of doing that as well. The gear change.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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