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Hi all,

I'll try and keep it short.

I'm retired AF as of this past Jan. I've been riding for some time now and have a handfull of sportbikes. Three of which are RCs. I've been on the Zilla and .Org for some time now and ran across this site.

I was a 463X1 / 2W2X1 that crosstrained into 1S0X1. I've investigated fatalities, worked special weapons and a whole lot of other experiences.

I'm a sky diver, scuba diver, camper, hiker, into old school BMX, travel a lot.

Not the party type, but I do still like going out with my friends from time to time.

For the most part I live a life on the flip side of the party scene. Having almost been killed in Sep of 06 by a drunk driver while on my 04 RC51.

If you want to see and know more take a look.

www.myspace.com/nukcrash69 This tells pretty much all about me, along with some cool pics.

I'll be moving back to TX around Aug, Sep and look forward to hitting all the tracks.
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