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FNG reporting in...

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Hey everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm from Shelby County, KY about 25 miles from Louisville. I love the RC's, and have been longing for one to grace my garage since they hit the streets. The first time I heard that sweet V-Twin sound years ago, I was hooked.

I actually work in the motorcycle industry, I run a custom manufacturing plant where we build American big twin customs. Our company is Apollo Choppers. I can post pics if anyone is interested to see them, but I don't want to violate any forum rules by talking about our product. I'm here to be a member of the forum community, and learn and talk about the RC51.

I'm a currently I-4 rider, and I finally decided to take the plunge on an RC, with some grumbling from my wife, but she finally gave me the official blessing. If Mama aint happy, nobody's happy!

My daily ride is an 04 FZ1 I bought on the cheap. I am talking and negotiating with a guy for a sweet RC, and if I can work it out, I hope to have it home sometime next week. It's an 05 SP2, with some sweet parts and about 9000 miles, never dropped or wrecked. It looks to be in top-notch shape. I plan on going to see it in person later this week.

This seems to be a good group, with lots of good info and nice people. I am learning something new everyday about these bikes, and I have so much more enthusiasm about learning and riding the RC than I did for the FZ1. I enjoyed the FZ, but the passion just isn't there like it used to be.

Also, how long has this forum been around? Just curious.

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