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As you all know we are a growing and thriving community with members joining by the hour and it's vital that we start setting up some ground rules that are fair to everyone.

1. Vendors/Dealers.

This is not a free site. Vendor packages are available under this link: Memberships If you have any questions regarding becoming a site sponsor or how to become a vendor, please contact an Administrator or a Moderator to help answer your questions. Until then, you may not advertise weekly specials or group buys or the company itself in your signature or as a thread.

2. No Nudity.

This is a motorcycle forum. If you want to get your fill on such things, please log out and proceed to the site of your preference. We do not need a member that is at work have a picture up on his screen that could be punishable by his boss walking by. This goes for avatars and signatures as well. Failure to follow this rule will have your post/sig/avatar deleted and/or have you banned from posting indefinitely.

3. Conduct.

Please try to keep your language at bay. If your thread contains offensive language in the title, it will get edited and you will receive an infraction. Please use the body of the thread to rant all you want. Duplicate accounts are not allowed and will result in either an infraction or a ban.

4. Be Reasonable.

We all do not think alike but be open minded. Don't bash another member simply because of his opinion. We are all entitled to an opinion. Arguments that escalate to threats or severe bashing in a thread will be closed/locked, and members involved will receive an infraction or banned, depending on the situation.

5. Premium Members with Signature Pictures.

Of course no nudity. Please keep the size reasonable for our members with 56k. 500x150 is acceptable and any size in between (450x200, 300x350, ect.) but no larger.

6. Screen Names.

If you have been lurking around the forum for a while now and finally decide to join, please bare in mind this rule when choosing your screen name. Choose an appropriate name. Names such as 1FatLesbo69, 12inchCockSteve, SnatchHunter15 ect. will not be tolerated and will be removed.

7. Mods and Admins

Moderators and Administrators have the right to enforce all these rules to their full extent and may give an infraction to match the violation at their own discretion.

8. For Sale.

1) You must be an Active Member in good standing to use this section.

2) Buyers, who are contacted privately by a Member for an item for sale, are requested to notify the Moderators or Admins for any such Member not complying with the stated rules.

3) RC51Forums is NOT responsible for any loss of money or items due to shipping or dishonest sellers/buyers! Buy or sell at your own risk!

4) If you develop a history of selling bad/missing/damaged items, or not shipping items, you will loose access to the Classifieds section, and furthur action may be taken at the Moderator's or Admin's discretion.

5) If you have a issue with a Member in the classifieds section, please contact a Moderator or Admin immediately so that we can investigate and/or mediate the situation.
Do not broadcast the disputed issue on the open forum!

6) Once your item sells, please notify us so we can lock the thread, and mark it Sold.

7) Any failure to follow the rules may result in restricted access, temporary, or permanent ban.

9. Posting/ Thread Starting

Please put the appropriate thread in the correct category. If you're unsure where it belongs, send a PM to a mod and we will move it for you. Before you start a thread asking a question or posting a video or picture that you've found, please use the search function of the forum to refrain from "re-posting" It helps preserve bandwidth, and keeps you from being reminded to use the search button. Also remember, if you cannot find your answer here, Google is your friend and finding that information could help someone out in the future so share with us a write up on how you fixed something or a new technique for riding/repairing/removing ect.

10. Let's have fun!

Follow these rules and enjoy your stay on the forum. This is a knowledgeable forum with RC-51 and motorcycle enthusiasts sharing information and help with common problems.

Thanks MoeMan from 600RR.net for the help...

Enjoy your stay!

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