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Frame slider install?

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How difficult is it to get frame sliders installed on the RC? I assume you have to cut plastic. Is that the extent of it or do you have to do anything else?
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Great write-up. Although I don't think I want to cut my Fairings. UGH
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I replaced all the bodywork on mine last year and pondered frame sliders or not.
I just couldn't bring myself to drill holes in those expensive new lower cowls, so I pulled my sliders off.
If I crashed it, the sliders wouldn't make much difference in the outcome anyways.
Maybe on the track, but not on the streets I ride.
Great write up and pics. The Play Dough idea is ingenious! Too bad the sliders don't stick out from the plastics a bit further though.
The Sato sliders stick out about 1 to 1.5" on either side (at least they did on mine).
These are the ones that use the lower front engine mount.
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