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Friend in Miami Needs help and prayers!!!

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Friend in Miami Needs help and prayers!!! PLEASE DONATE

EDIT: My PayPal email:
[email protected]

I have posted this on facebook updating as I know things.
If you donated, that's fantastic, and please feel free to pass along.
Link below
(MODS: If I'm breaking rules with that, please remove.)

Most of these are from Erik and his family:
I, along with others, have been praying and need many more for a friend, Erik Brown. He was hit by a car on October 12th, heading out to do good deeds for others, on his motorcycle. He is in a coma right now. His wife, Jackie Brown is an amazingly strong woman that's needs prayers too along with their two girls. Please open up your hearts in prayer.
Erik, if you are fighting now like you ride on the track (and I know you are) you will pull through quickly. Praying hard for you and you family.
Anyone that can, please help with any donation you can, and feel free to pass this along. They need all the assistance they can get with the upcoming medical expenses.


No updates as of yet. Still in a coma and not breathing on his own. Still praying for all of you!!!

Erik was hit by a car this morning on his way to the shop to get his truck to help someone. He is in critical condition, not breathing on his own, and unresponsive in a coma. He had all his gear on but still suffered head trauma, broken ribs, one lung is filled with blood, and he tore his bicep. He was given some blood and was taken to surgery. We need your prayers and good thoughts but please do not call the hospital. The medical team is working hard and too many phone calls are working against us now. We will continue to keep you updated.

October 14th
Jackie posted an update October 14th:

First off, I want to thank you all for praying and sending your blessings. I have read every single message to him so he knows you are all supporting his fight for his life. It was a very busy night, He did finally get food - about 2 spoonfuls of a liquid protein substance through a feeding tube. Another chest xray, CT scans, hand xray, and blood work. I got a chance to bathe him. There was something so amazing about that experience. He has always taken care of me and the girls and to do for him what he did when I had my c-section was so healing for me. I love this man more than anyone realizes. Keep praying that he comes out of this coma and comes back to me. Please!

Update from Jackie October 17th:

Yesterday was a hard day. Doctors said we are in it for the long road and to not expect much for 6-8 months. I don't believe that. Erik is strong, my love for him is stronger, and God's healing hand is on him. My baby has two surgeries today. I need all the prayers and good thoughts, positive energy we can get for him right now. Be specific - he needs to get through the surgeries and his brain needs to heal. Please don't ask me any questions as its way to hard to read those posts. Send your love and I will read them to him. Thank you!

October 17th

Come On Erik!!!
This tears me up. You are such a great guy with a phenominal family. I can't imagine what Jackie and their girls are going through. This week for me has been rough. Riding to work on Tuesday was a bit nerve racking. I have found myself being more cautious than ever. You are one of the best riders I know and absolutely have just a huge heart. We're all pulling for you my friend. Fight this!!!!


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Where is the good Dr. when you need him??? I need a translator for this medical terminology.

Either way, all the best ti Erik and his family.:cool:
What it basically means is that Erik will never fully recover. They have no idea how much he will recover. Worst case, a good number of cases never wake up... He is already past that. Some number after that live in a vegetative state, it appears he is past that. He would be really hard pressed to get back on a motorcycle.
I believe the prayers are working for him.
I'm very hopeful that he will get back on the racetrack.
The neurological treatment facility is really expensive.
I'm hopeful for that too.
What it basically means is that Erik will never fully recover.
I will hold out hope that this is not the case, LA12.;)
Me too buddy. Me too.
No updates as of now, Jackie had been sick.

I'm going to give it a few more days be for I place the donation.
Currently we are at $230 for the forum.
Let's get a good finish.

Good morning all (Guess it ISN'T morning in more places than it is)
I greatly appreciate all the thoughts and support for the Brown family thus far.

So, yes, I have $230 from forum members that I will be donating.
Current donation total is $7007!!!
Long way off from the $30,000 needed, but it's a start!

Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Another plus, his shop is going well!
If you are in the area, please stop by and give your support

Two Wheel Tek
1700 Banks Rd Suite 70
Margate, Florida 33063

"Join Two Wheel Tek at Hooters Bike Night in Pembroke Pines. Lock in your tires request. TWT gear available. Come and Support your trusted moto advisors! Daniel and I will be holding it down for you Erik!"

Here's Erik on at the racetrack back in his race days.


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Godspeed to our fellow rider, I wish the best for his recovery and his family.
Although he's not out of the woods yet, there's hope...
This was an update I missed yesterday from a friend/family member. I've never met her:
(Update from October 31)

Just saw Erik Brown a couple days ago. As a Physical Therapist, I think he has great potential for improvement with the right rehab. He was able to follow commands like sticking out his tongue when asked, he was able to take his glasses off when he didn't want them anymore. When he obviously didn't want a soft mitt on his hand, when asked if he wanted it off, he shook his head yes. He was able to unlock the phone or iPad and attempt the passcode but he may have been trying to put his own passcode on Jackie's phone. He was able to scroll pictures on the iPad. He kept trying to click the icon to check messages. Exciting that he is showing ability to think about multiple steps processes but most exciting to me was when I got ready to leave, he grabbed my hand and brought it to his mouth and gave me a kiss. Then he waved goodbye! They are trying to wean him from the trach. It has been almost 3 weeks since his accident and he is making great progress! Please help get him to Shepherd Center Hospital in Atlanta!!!
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Forward momentum!!!!!
(Update from his wife, Jackie November 2)

After 3 days of Erik Brown not knowing what these were, today he recognized and accurately pointed to 6 letters! Thank you God!


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Will send another donation here shortly Adam.
Donation sent buddy. ;)
Got it. Thank you very much.
Again, to all that would like to donate.
My PayPal is:
[email protected]
I made a donation via the direct link posted earlier on.
while I do not know erik, and am sadly not in a position to financially donate right now, have you considered starting a crowd-funding page? Something like gofundme or indiegogo. I will be happy to blast it on FB and to the many motorcycle forums I am a member of. I will be posting your paypal address on some of them as well with your permission of course.

Hoping for a speedy recovery and while I am not a religious man, my thoughts and positive energy go out to him and especially his loved ones and all that are suffering along side him!

- Justin
Thanks, Justin.

There is a fundraising account attached to the first post. Please feel free to use that and share as you will.

My PayPal, however, I would prefer only on this site have that as I am putting in a donation for this site only.
Gotcha! Will do!

Edit: didnt see the link to fundraiser site. my bad.

- J
Last chance, I will be posting the donation later tonight.
We currently have $255 from RC51forums

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It's Erik and Jackie's Anniversary today!
He is still making forward progress little by little.

She has the funds, wanted to thank you all:
Here is the conversation:

I have $255 for you from the guys on RC51forums.com. I have been keeping the forum updated and they started sending money to my PayPal account. You can use this to assist with his medical bills, towards the facility, food, or just to take care of yourself and your girls and have fun. It is yours to do with as you need. I know it isn't much, but hopefully it will help you a little.
I was going to put it in the other fundraiser, but it wanted to charge me $20 to ensure 100% went to Erik. I didn't want to do that not knowing for sure where it was going. What is your email for your PayPal account and I will just transfer it straight to you.

Her response:

Hi. I just saw this. I can't believe how amazing this news is. Just as I am worried and prayed to God tonight about my next electric bill and then see this message an hour later. Its Gods work. Thank you for doing God's work for us.

You guys are awesome and have huge hearts!!!


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Excellent news and glad it came in time.:cool:

For those of you who did not donate, its still not too late. It doesn't take much when so many give to come up with a nice sum of money for someone who actually needs it.

To Mrs. Brown,
You may already be doing this but it is important to talk to your husband as much as possible (even if he is still in a coma) and fill his mind with positive thoughts and intentions in order for him to visualize the best outcome. Relaxing "healing" music is good too.
My son suffered a brain injury at a very young age which has created many challenges for him and my family. We have been able to overcome a lot of obstacles and you will to.
Life may be different now but it can also be good. All the best to you and your family, everything will be ok.
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