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Need some advice.

While at the track under heavy braking at the end of the straight I managed to get the front wheel to touch the air deflector on the front of the cylinder head. I did not think this was an issue as I thought I had the front preloaded set midway. Anyway working on it today I went to adjust the preload and realised that I had in fact adjusted the previous load to maximum. So it looks like I need to replace the front springs. Any suggestions?

Should I shim the front springs or replace? My gut is telling me to replace as I think shiming is going to give me no feel at the end of the stroke as the suspension will not be working. I do not have Ohlins money so what are my options?

I did shave 5 mm off the edge of the deflector as a temporary measure but it's not really going to do anything except maybe stop the noise it makes when to tyre touches it.

I was happy with the way the bike behaved otherwise

I weigh 103 kgs

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