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I’ve had my 03 RC for a few months now and have yet to ride it.

Pulsar - new
battery- new
Harness- grounded, no shorts

All I know is that I’m getting no spark. I turn the keys for the fuel pump turns on like it’s supposed to but when I touch the spark plugs I’m not getting a shock or anything...

What am I missing.......???????

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Converter unit? aka CDI box, I had mine go out a few years ago and it had power fuel pump would prime, and would turn over but never fire up. I was able to borrow a friends CDI box and plug it in to try it and voila the old bitch fired right up. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey new but if its the case you might be able to find one on ebay. I believe there was a guy who made a thread on how to fix them. It involved cutting the box open from the back to expose the electrical guts, replace the burnt out bits then re sealing it.
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