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*fs 2000 Rc51* SOLD

FOR SALE 2000 RC51

I am the second owner of this bike. It currently has 13,651 miles on it. I have owned it for the last two seasons. It is located in SE Wisconsin. The bike has been well maintained since I bought it. It has had the oil and filter changed every 1500 miles with o.e.m Honda oil. This bike comes with a few aftermarket upgrades, along with a few custom pieces.


Bike comes with-
-Power Commander IIIr
-modified 2-1 header with Jardine aluminum muffler
-gearing -1/+2
-modified airbox
-GPRv1 steering damper
-YTZ7S battery, relocated to front
-modified fairing stay
-custom undertail with 954rr integrated taillight
-newer Bridgestone BT-015's (they have about 500 miles on them)
-flapper and pair removed

Recent maintenance done-
-coolant flushed and replaced with Engine Ice
-spark plugs changed
-air filter element replaced
-brake fluid replaced
-front calipers rebuilt
-oil+filter replaced


The bike fell over on the right side while backing out of my garage. This caused some minor damage (chips and scratches) to the tail, nose, clutch cover, and right fairing. Now the tail and nose have been repaired and repainted. The right fairing has been touched up. The tank got a very small ding just by the honda emblem. The tank also has a few chips in it from rocks, but they have been touched up.

For an almost 10 year old bike its in really good condition. I would say 8 out of 10 cosmetic and 10 out of 10 mechanical. The only reason Im selling it is to put the money towards my 2003 RC51 that I just picked up this summer! For any questions e-mail me at [email protected]



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