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I'm letting my 2006 Honda RC51 go. Rode it again Sunday and it hurt my broke arm badly when I crossed a dip in the road. Almost made my arm give out on me. That said I could free up the money and pay off other debt which is more important.

So here goes. 2006 was the last year they made the RC51. This bike only has 4462 miles on it. I lube the chain on every time I get on it with Dupont Dry Teflon Chain Lube. Oil was just changed in it with a new filter. 100% stock with the exception of modded OEM exhaust cans (deep Vtwin rumble) and a -1 front sproket. New pads were added at 3800 miles.

The only blemish is on the front fairing just under the headlight where it rubbed on a trailer while loading it for a trip to the mountains. Barely noticeable.

This bike was NEVER raced or tracked.

Vtwin power and tq with Honda reliability. Turns heads everywhere with it's unique sound for a sport bike.

This is a bike built for serious cornering and mountain driving but with the ability to cruise into town. It's so easy to drive due to the tq delivery.

Asking $6200 OBO. Don't lowball me but I'm a little flexible on the price. This is now a collector's bike and dealerships are asking $7400-$7999 for older years with 15,000 - 25,000 miles on them. This one has only 4462 miles on it.

Vid of bike during warm up

Also have the rear seat flat cover and the OEM front sprocket. Will also include a battery tender as well with the sale.

Copied from online search:

2006 Honda RC51

With World and National championships to its credit, the 133-horsepower V-twin RC51 has an unparalleled pedigree.

Features & Benefits
New for 2006
- New silver Honda wing on fuel tank.

Unique features
- Prodigious power is produced across a broad rpm band, peaking with 133 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 71 lb./ft. of torque at 8000 rpm in street-legal trim.

- Large, 62mm fuel injection throttle bodies inspired by HRC's championship works racers.

- Two fuel injectors for each cylinder feature 12 laser-drilled jet holes in each injector tip for finer fuel atomization, resulting in more responsive throttle performance and faster, more efficient combustion for stronger power output.

- Twin side-mounted radiators each have electric cooling fans to improve engine cooling.

- HRC-designed press-forged aluminum swingarm.

- HRC-designed integrated rear shock reservoir is positioned for easy fitment of center-up high-performance competition exhaust.

- Five-spoke wheels feature aerodynamic forward-facing V-shaped spokes and Dunlop D208 tires.

- Large underseat tool tray.


- 999cc DOHC eight-valve 90° V-twin engine is specially designed to withstand the rigors of Superbike competition.

- Centrally mounted ram-air intake duct routes cool, pressurized air directly through the frame's steering head structure to the 9.0-liter airbox, improving intake efficiency while slimming the aerodynamic profile. The ram-air duct doubles as a front cowl stay, shaving 12 ounces off of a conventional mounting system.

- Each cylinder head features large, 40mm intake and 34mm exhaust valves with a 24 degree included valve angle. This provides a short, direct path for the air/fuel charge entering the combustion chamber and results in high power output.

- Gear-driven camshafts utilize three-axis drive gears to maintain accurate valve timing and durability at sustained high engine speeds.

- Direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation system ensures high-rpm durability, and allows 16,000-mile valve maintenance intervals.

- Cast aluminum pistons are screen-printed with solid LUB-Coat finish to minimize friction between the piston and cylinder wall.

- Aluminum composite cylinder sleeves are high-pressure-formed from sintered aluminum powder impregnated with ceramic and graphite. The lightweight composite sleeves provide better wear resistance and superior heat dissipation compared to conventional sleeves.

- Nutless connecting rods feature bolts threaded directly into tapped holes in rods.

- Design is lighter than conventional bolt-and-nut combination. Carburized rods provide strength and durability under high loads.

- Crankshaft center lubrication system carries oil to main and connecting rod bearings through passages in the crankshaft as well as conventional journals, allowing lower main-gallery oil pressure and a smaller oil pump design, consuming less horsepower at high engine speeds.

- Iridium-tip spark plugs require less voltage and maintain ignition performance in demanding conditions.

- At operating speed, side-mounted dual radiators utilize low pressure of airflow passing over outer surface of cowling to draw air through from the inside. Side positioning allows optimal placement of engine for a low center of gravity and superb handling and permits flow of air to reach cylinders and exhaust pipes for enhanced cooling efficiency.

- Air-cooled aluminum oil cooler.

- Magnesium head cover, clutch cover and left-rear sprocket cover.

- All-stainless two-into-one-into-two exhaust system with two 5.3-liter canister-style mufflers with a buffed finish.

- Seven-plate clutch design is compact and tough, featuring durable friction plate material.

- Smooth-shifting close-ratio six-speed transmission features ratios carefully matched to the engine's powerband.


- Twin-spar extruded aluminum frame features a modified Pro Frame® design utilizing a swingarm pivot that incorporates both engine-crankcase- and frame-mounted pivot points.

- Tapered and braced box-section swingarm provides exceptional lateral and torsional rigidity.

- 43mm inverted aluminum-slider Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) cartridge fork with 5.1 inches of travel features spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability, and offers precise action and superb rigidity.

- Pro-Link® rear suspension features 4.7 inches of travel and a high-quality 40mm HMAS shock with integrally cast damper reservoir. Spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability produces superior rear wheel control.

- Braking system features 320mm front discs floating on seven stainless steel pins with four-piston calipers, and a 220mm rear disc with a single-piston caliper for exceptional stopping power.

Additional Features

- Distinctive bodywork features a dual-headlight design with a centrally located ram-air duct, a narrow-profile fuel tank and a single-piece tail section.

- Black painted frame, wheels and swingarm.

- Unique bank-angle sensor shuts off fuel supply to PGM-FI system if the motorcycle tips over, but is unaffected by bumps and vibration during normal operation.

- High-output, 335-watt AC generator.

- Dual headlights feature asymmetric low/high beam operation; computer-designed multi-reflectors and two 55W H7 bulbs behind clear plastic lenses provide a broad lighting pattern and superb illumination.

- Lightweight instrument display includes electronic LCD tachometer and speedometer, fuel indicator, odometer, tripmeter and temperature gauge.

- Handlebar switches and controls use internationally approved ISO graphic symbols.

- Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

- Ownership includes one-year complimentary membership for an individual in the Honda Rider's Club of America™ (HRCA®). Benefits include: discounts, travel benefits, roadside assistance, one year of Honda Red Rider™ magazine, access to HRCA Clubhouse Web site (www.hrca.honda.com) and access online to Honda Common Service Manual. For HRCA details, call 1-800-847-HRCA. For dealers only, please call (310) 783-3958.

Available accessories

- Tank Pad.

- Magnetic Tank Bag (Black).


Model: RVT1000R

Engine Type: 999cc liquid-cooled 90° V-twin

Bore and Stroke: 100mm x 63.6mm

Compression Ratio: 10.8:1

Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Carburetion: PGM-FI with two injectors per cylinder

Ignition: Computer-controlled digital with three-dimensional mapping

Transmission: Close-ratio six-speed

Final Drive: #530 O-ring-sealed chain

Front: 43mm inverted HMAS cartridge fork with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability; 5.1 inches travel
Rear: Pro-Link HMAS single shock with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability; 4.7 inches travel

Front: Dual full-floating 320mm discs with four-piston calipers
Rear: Single 220mm disc with single-piston caliper

Front: 120/70ZR-17 radial
Rear: 190/50R-17 radial

Wheelbase: 55.9 inches

Rake (Caster Angle): 23.3°

Trail: 94.6mm (3.7 inches)

Seat Height: 32.5 inches

Dry Weight: 439 pounds

Fuel Capacity: 4.8 gallons, including 1.2-gallon reserve

Color: Black/Metallic Gray

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If you still have the bike in JUNE i will be back from a deployment in South Korea and would love to work something out...No joke, been waiting to turn my 03 into a trackster and been looking a long time for a clean 06..BTW what oil and filter do you run in it?....

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I only use OEM approved filter and fluids. I get all my stuff from the Honda dealer just down the road from work.

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sweet, hope it goes to a good home or still there when i get back....Let me know if you do sell her.... Let's all hope Honda makes another some day but i think that 8.9 may have set us all back from that happening anytime soon...
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