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Putting my undertail up for sale:

It was on the bike when I bought it. As far as I can tell it's a Mototech, as they are the only brand I have been able to find online with this shape and lights. I have been told that it also looks like a Dussault one, but I can't verify that.

It is nice thick plastic and is not cheaply made like a lot of the crap on eBay. The paint matches perfectly with the stock paint. It's got the two round tail lights, which are leds (they are actually just your standard 1157 bulbs, so they would be easy to replace if you had to ever, or if you want to change it up a little). The turn signals are a strip of 5 or 6 leds on either side. It also has one tiny little license plate light (it's hard to see in the pic, but it's recessed between the tail lights pointing down) it's plenty bright though. It has a cut out for the key, as seen in the picture. It also has two holes just in front of the key hole for the plate bracket.

It's got normal wear and tear on it, but NO cracks and NO major scratches. The only "damage" to it is where my highmount brackets have rubbed a little on the plastic, but it's on the "side" and not the bottom visible part. If you don't have brackets like mine, with a tiny amount of touch up paint, you could never see it once it's mounted. I'll even do the touch up paint for you.

The only reason why I am selling this is because it just isn't my style and I purchased another undertail.

The only pricing that I can find online is one place that has these for over $300 new, and one guy on eBay with knock offs for $200 by the time you get it to your door. In consideration of all that, I feel that $120obo + shipping for this is a fair price. I will only charge you what I actually pay for shipping. I use paypal, unless you happen to live in or around Seattle, then I would be happy to take cash.

No eight party checks. No, I will not ship this to Brazil. No, the motorcycle isn't included. No, I will not go deposit a check for ten thousand dollars and send you the difference. No, I did not enherit a lagre sums of moneys taht neds tu bee kulected. No, I do not care if you really really really want it for $50. I would rather set it on fire and piss on it.

The undertail is still on my bike. I will pull it off, box it up and send it out as soon as payment is received. I will take some more close up pictures tonight and any more later if anybody has any requests.
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