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I think I have an FPR issue.

Bike is a low mile SP1. Ridden about once a month. Last month it had a hard time idling, and would die at idle. Ran fine otherwise. I turned the idle up a few turns and it was idling fine around 1300-1400.

On my ride yesterday. I had a most satisfying high speed blast to the top of 5th gear. About 3 minutes later bike started surging and farting. And would again die at idle. I turned around and limped home.

At a steady 4000 rpm, it seemed ok. It struggled to get there, but would maintain it.

Plugs are sooty deposit fuel fouled, not dripping wet.

Sounds like a pressure regulator?

Battery connections are good. Battery voltage is good. Fuel doesn't seem contaminated.

On plugs, can you use a non iridium? Found an in stock NGK that shows in the book. But it is a standard looking plug.
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