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gearing questions

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hello everyone. i am new here. i have an 05 rc and have a question about sprocket changes. riding palomar mountain i will run out of gear coming into a few turns, with maybe 150 feet before the entrance i need to shift outta first. of course as soon as i do i am pretty much right back into it. any ideas about sprocket changes. im thinking a lower ratio so i have to shift sooner, with the added benefits of more torque. as im typing it just occured to me to know what my bike has now, i do not. any advice would be appreciated.

thank you
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I'm not perfectly sure, but the stock ratio I believe is is 16 front, 40 rear. The popular combo is 15 front, 41 rear. My bike appears to have been changed to 15 front, 42 rear. I like it, plenty of grunt for the Appalachian switchbacks I play on!

-1/+2 is a very popular combination, and like John said, will give you plenty of extra "oomph" that you're looking for.

Stock IS 16/40 and with a 530 chain.
Ditto on the 15/42. Very popular and very workable...
i have a 15t front and think it's still too tall. 42t rear will be in my future.
15/42 is the tits. You'll lose a ton of top end but these bikes are for turning not going fast :D
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