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Just joined about 20 mins ago and said I'd say hello.I'm the proud owner of a 2000 SP1 which I know you all call an RC51 in your part of the world.It has 9500 miles on the clock as well you all know the weather in Ireland is'nt exactly biker friendly.I'll get some pics up as soon as I get a chance.I've added the following stuff to the bike

Carbon Frame Protectors
Carbon Look Mirrors
Carbon Look Yoke Protector
Replacement Bar-Ends
Honda VTR Racing Tank Pad
Titanium Screen Bolts
Alloy Sprocket Bolts
Brake Reservoir Cap
Rider/Pillion Footrest Kit
Hugger Kit
Clutch/Brake Pinch Bolts
Tank Kit
Clutch Reservoir Cap
Carbon Fibre Rear Hugger
Carbon Fibre Clock Surround
Flame Decals
Paddock Stand Spools
VTR Licence Plate Bolts
HRC Tyre Valves
HRC Brake/Clutch Covers
Headlight Protectors
Front/Rear Pegs
Double Bubble Screen
Clutch /Engine Cover

Also have an 2004 Yamaha XJR 1300 (Blue and Black)
And planning on adding an SP2 early next year
Looking forward to chatting with you all.

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Welcome to the group!!
There have been others of your country that have recently joined.

I'm taking it that you aren't able to ride often due to the weather.
Is there a better time of year to ride or do you always expect rain?

Here in west-central Florida, summer is the rainy season (also hurricane season).
The spring and fall are generally dryer (and cooler) and are the most pleasant times to ride.
We can turn off our air conditioners and not feel like we're in a sauna.

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Well in Ireland we always plan for rain,that way we dont get disappointed
Ya spotted a few Irish Threads over the last few days.
thanks for saying hello anyway
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