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hallo riders

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Hello, my name is Paul, I am from Bucharest / Romania and I am a big fan of V2 engine. I had Ducati 749, and is now owner of a Suzuki TL100R, and obviously a superb Honda VTR-SP2 2005 bought new from Honda representative Bucharest. Until now we only 5000Km and to be honest I am very satisfied with the bike, I can say is ideal for me. but there is always something missing for perfection, and I believe that is the lack steering dumper. to rest in as many miles, be healthy and to hear well. excuse if there are communication errors
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Welcome! I've owned a TL1000 also, and an SV1000. Nice bikes! :)
Welcome to the site.
These days, there are many rotary type steering dampers to choose.
Mine has a Scotts, which was the original and is still a very good unit.

Some newer units are thinner and fit under the upper cowl support with more clearance.
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