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Headlight bulb questions

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Id like to improve the performance of my headlights with better bulbs. any suggestions? Part numbers?

Im not interested in a hid setup:)
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Agreed, Silverstars are nice bulbs.
Replaced the bulbs in the 'Busa and RC51 with them.
Yep silverstars are awesome! I had them on all the other bikes I've owned. I have yet to put them in any of the bikes I have now though. I ride with the brights on! I ordered some silverstars through work, just waiting for them to come in!
can anyone help me out with a part number? I live in the boonies and will have to order a set
Sylvania Silver Stars H7's come in a variety of config's, they have the zXe High Performance, ST High Performance, SU Ultra peromance and XV Xtra Vision.......which one are most folks picking up? I assume its the SU Ultra.......please chime in .....thanks !
Just remember the brighter kits have a shorter lifespan than OEM

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I bought the "ULTRA"'s . The stockers lasted 13 years ! ! If these last half that long, that will be fine......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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