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Man, this weekend sucked for working on the RC. Started on Friday when the plastics I won off ebay showed up. The jacka** listed the plastics as usable condition with a couple broken tabs. The plastics got her. Pieces were broken completely off, upper was cut on the right and left, windscreen was painted black, tabs broken, holes drilles in multiple places to zip-tie the things back together. Complete unfixable/unusable in my mind. Not even worth the time to try and fix them. Tried to get ahold of the guy and he's not responding. :mad: Thankfully the plastics had an Ebay Buyer Protection plan.

So what the hell, wanted to finish the tank and front fenders. Paint job was looking great until I tried to wet sand it and repaint it. FU**. Screwed up the whole thing, so now I got to strip it all down again and start all over. Thank god for Jasco. Front fender was turning out alright, but since I'm a perfectionist, I'll be doing that again too.

To top it all off, I can't really do much else to the bike anyway as I've been waiting for 3 weeks for a fairing stay and subframe to come into the local shop. So much for having this bike on the road before I head out for deployment. Get to look forward to a project bike when get back from Afghan.

Thanks all for listening to me vent. :cool:
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