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Hey fellow RC51 riders!

I was finally able to realize my most important moto dream a few days ago with the purchase of my 2003 SP2 RC51. It was the motorcycle that actually drew my attention away from cars. And after trying to learn proper riding technique, first on a Ninja 250, and then buying my mini-RC51, a Silver/Red 2002 F4i, I was finally able to find a clean SP2 to my likening.

2003 SP2 RC51

Sato Racing "Banzai" Exhaust
DynoJet Power Commander III


Overall, I really LOVE this bike. The exhaust, while bordering on excessively loud, it absolutely awesome. It sounds so much better than an I4s!

I am interested in trading stock clutch and brake master cylinder covers with my chromed Pro-Tek ones. I was looking and they retail for $40 each. I'd be willing to do a straight trade as long as the stock caps are in excellent condition.

The Corbin seat will be up for sale shortly as well.

Thanks and I look forward to contributing to the community!

Ride Safely,
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