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Just bought this bike the other day. After having only a monoposto for the past couple years, I talked my wife into letting me buy a "touring" bike. :D

I havent had alot of road time on it yet. Only about 10mi but its been pretty fun.
Its mint and has some great mods, including, an underseat, corbin, matched bra,custom dyno mapping with a PCIII and a 2-1 custom system, flapper mod, pair removed and 520 conversion. The previous owner was a mechanic and took good care of this bike. I am really looking forward to doing some two up and having fun.

One thingI did notice was that it seemed a bit abrupt with the off the throttle response and slow driving. I am not sure if its the mapping or if its a trait. The only other twin I have ridden is my 998s which is far from stock but very smooth.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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