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Hello All,
I recently bought an 06 VTR1000 SP2, the bike has been left stood for some time and required a fair amount of work by myself to get her running right again.
So far in the last 6 weeks of owning her I have had to do a fair few things!
Here's the list:
Replaced faulty stator,
Replaced faulty regulator/rectifier, Replaced under rated battery (had an 8ah battery in it!) with a genuine Honda YTX12S.
Both front and rear wiring looms have been removed-stripped of insulation-thoroughly checked-some connectors replaced-then re insulated.
Clutch master cylinder stripped-and new kit fitted.
Clutch slave cylinder stripped-seal kit fitted.
Clutch hose replaced with braided Goodridge black shadow hose.
Both front & rear brake hoses replaced with braided HEL Gold Banjo Black hoses.
Front discs (Rotors to most of you guys😉) were warped-replaced with Goldfren discs and sintered pads.
Chain & Sprockets replaced with new DiD chain and sprint sprocket setup.
Airbox flap removed and stainless bung fitted.
Air Filters replaced with Pipercross conical high flow race filters.
Full service including valve clearances.
Still stuff to do like sort out her paintwork, it's generally good but a bit scruffy in places, seat cowl is from a stateside bike and is the wrong colour scheme for mine.
Well I'm sure I've missed a few bits out but you get the idea how much work I've put into this bike so far!
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