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I'd just contact them and double check. I'm pretty sure though. They just have to be able to get around you upper triple clamp.

I think some of the "kits" they have come with cables for your front brake, throttle, and clutch lines because they will have to be longer to compensate for the increased height of the bars.

Finding longer, brake, throttle, and a clutch line shouldn't be that hard. You just have to make sure they are long enough to give you proper movement on the steering stem (know what I mean).

A lot of brake line places can make you lines to custom length. Just do a little research and I think you'll be fine.


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I had Heli-bars on my RC51.

They slightly raise the bar height and offset the bars back a small distance.
However, due to the limited clearance from the upper cowl, you have to be careful installing them.
You either risk hitting the fuel tank or the upper cowl if positioned out of their "sweet spot" when rotating the forks.
They did make it less stressful on the neck and shoulders with a slightly more upright riding position.

They are also a bit wider and add a bit more leverage.
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