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hey everyone... first time poster..

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just wanted to get some input to see if my times are the avg with everyone else out there on the Web.. i took my wifes 2002 RC51 to the 1/4 strip today to see how she would do.. i purchased it new with 1 mile and she now has 13,000 "no problem" miles :).. the bike is lowered for the wifes size, i was trying to learn to launch it.. here are my three passes...

run 1
60's 2.005
330 5.117
1/8 7.635
mph 98.56
1000 9.809
1/4 11.64
mph 122.72

run 2
60's 1.925
330 4.990
1/8 7.475
mph 99.25
1000 9.627
1/4 11.45
mph 122.96

run 3
60's 1.960
330 4.968
1/8 7.432
mph 100.08
1000 9.572
1/4 11.38
mph 123.66 (mirrors were pulled in)

video on the last run..

O by the way.. the bike i was racing on the last run was a Bussa.. he only ran 11.23 128mph.. he got me on the top end by .0616 :eek:

V twin 4 life..
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Dude, you raped that busa out of the hole!
thank you.. that busa owner was like WTF at the top end lol...
Welcome to the group.
I've seen that video on youtube a while back.
nice pics and vid are you sure thats not to much power for a bike.......

2000 rc51 #000285
nice pics and vid are you sure thats not to much power for a bike.......

2000 rc51 #000285
thanks for the comments guys.. truely this is my wifes bike and i just ran it on the 1/4 for her because she had to work that day.. here are some pics of her riding it..

i ride a 1000RR
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what das?

what this?
nice outfit.


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nice outfit.
i do have a close up of that shot :)
On the first pic, what is the stuff coming out from the lower fairing? Coolant? Oil?
we were about 8000 feet up and the ride was slow due to traffic, so she over heated a little bit.. those damn small fans don't cut the Cali heat..
not bad times, you could be faster with more practice if you look at your 60ft times you can see the launches are what make or break a run on a bike pretty much, its hard to get used to launching hard and controlled isnt it? very nice vid, busa guy was like wtf was that!
F#*k Busa's they are ugly!! Rc51's are Race bikes which Dominated the WSB and AMA circuit from 2000-03!! Race that busa at V.I.R or Mid ohio when they have an open track day and you'll Destroy him!!! Our bikes are made to handle and Race on a Road course not a Drag strip!! P.S: Nice launch bro!! now all you got to do is learn to drop that Knee and take it to a Road course, thats where the Rc51 becomes real fun to ride, when your dragging Knee at 90+mph.
Not to get off topic, but how did you lower your RC51?

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