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just wanted to get some input to see if my times are the avg with everyone else out there on the Web.. i took my wifes 2002 RC51 to the 1/4 strip today to see how she would do.. i purchased it new with 1 mile and she now has 13,000 "no problem" miles :).. the bike is lowered for the wifes size, i was trying to learn to launch it.. here are my three passes...

run 1
60's 2.005
330 5.117
1/8 7.635
mph 98.56
1000 9.809
1/4 11.64
mph 122.72

run 2
60's 1.925
330 4.990
1/8 7.475
mph 99.25
1000 9.627
1/4 11.45
mph 122.96

run 3
60's 1.960
330 4.968
1/8 7.432
mph 100.08
1000 9.572
1/4 11.38
mph 123.66 (mirrors were pulled in)

video on the last run..

O by the way.. the bike i was racing on the last run was a Bussa.. he only ran 11.23 128mph.. he got me on the top end by .0616 :eek:

V twin 4 life..

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what das?

what this?
nice outfit.


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not bad times, you could be faster with more practice if you look at your 60ft times you can see the launches are what make or break a run on a bike pretty much, its hard to get used to launching hard and controlled isnt it? very nice vid, busa guy was like wtf was that!

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F#*k Busa's they are ugly!! Rc51's are Race bikes which Dominated the WSB and AMA circuit from 2000-03!! Race that busa at V.I.R or Mid ohio when they have an open track day and you'll Destroy him!!! Our bikes are made to handle and Race on a Road course not a Drag strip!! P.S: Nice launch bro!! now all you got to do is learn to drop that Knee and take it to a Road course, thats where the Rc51 becomes real fun to ride, when your dragging Knee at 90+mph.
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