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Hi Guys!

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Just signed up today and wanted to make a post!

I'm from Santa Teresa, NM and have owned my 2002 RC51 now for about 2 1/2 years now, and must say it's the best bike i've ever owned. Never had any problems with it!

The bike has an Akrapovic exhaust system, K&N filters, Power Commander, 520 Chain Conversion (geared down), a LED Undertail and I got some Pazzo Levers coming in the mail.

I'm finally looking to get the bike on the track this season!
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Welcome to the group!!
Got a buddy who lived in NM and he misses the mountain roads badly.
G'day mate. I hope you feel as at home here as I do. These guys are a good bunch!
Thanks, for the warm welcome, guys! We do have a few nice mountain roads out here, but I live right at El Paso, so for me it's about a boring 1 hour ride before I get there ;)
Yup....our subsailor is best kind RC member to ask....he solved my problems & questions a lot..Welcome to group pal..
Welcome to the club!!

We demand pics of your ride at once! :D
I haven't had time to give my bike a bath (or ride it :( ) but as soon as that happens, i'll take some good pictures and post them.
I'll post mine after this wkend..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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