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New to the site looking around for any info for my 03. I bought it new and currently have 28,000 plus on it. Finally looking to do some mods and would appreciate any feed back. I also would answer any questions some may have. I love the bike, traded my 01 929 for it in 03. Was unsure at first, but the handling is remarkable, which I'm sure you all know. I mean even though it's still stock, I run 111 leaded and 93 unleaded mixed 50/50 and beat the shit out of it every time on on it and it takes every bit of it. How could you not love this bike! I have been running that fuel mixture for three years.
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Welcome to the group!!
You don't have problems with lead fouling of the plugs?
I would think that 111 octane fuel would be a tad expensive?
What is it, race gas or aviation gas?
no problems at all with fouling. I'ts race gas from gas station. I'ts $4.99 to $5.99 a gallon. So your talking $6.00 more to fill up at the most. My parts manager races drag and he accidently mixed 87 with is race fuel which was 113 leaded. So I tried it and presently suprised and the idle improvement. So I started experimenting. I have not gone any heavier than a 50/50 mix though. I'm from Chicago so when it cools down, I run striaght premium. The only think is you get lead residue on the exhaust tips, but it wipes off. I took the air box apart and looked at the throttle plates. Removed the spark plugs and used a boroscoped and it appears to running just fine, and clean.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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