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High beam issues

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hey everybody, I am having an issue with my high beam. It doesn't work. I did some investigating and found that there was no bulb in in it. I bought some new bulbs and found that the new bulbs didn't fit. A little more in vestigating and some looking in my service manual and I come to realize that the problem is I am missing the "socket" part of the headlight assembly.

This is the part that the bulb plugs into and this part plugs into the connector, which is the part that has the wires connected to it.

If any of you want to know exactly what I am talking about, you can refer to page 19-7 in your service manuals.

Anybody have any idea where I can get this part?


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^^^ That'd be correct. It's an H7 socket I believe.
Thanks everybody. I ordered it from Ron Ayers and it is on it's way.
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