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How does the RC51 stack up against...

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With recent release of 1098 999 prices are pretty attractive. Looking for opinions on 999 vs RC51.

Lil help?
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Make sure you have deep pockets because you'll need them for shop work/upkeep (Valve adjustments). Great bike but it's pricey to keep in good shape.
Let's face it,the RC51 is a classic - legend even, but it's definitely not cheap to keep in tip top shape.
Yah the 1098's are nice bikes but the Maint cost on those DuC's are no Joke!

My friend paid over $700 for his first tune up :eek:
paying anyone to do your first service is like throwing money out your window.

change your oil, your oil filter, check your chain, lube it, check for leaks.... you would be lucky if the stealership did all that.

cost? what 8 - 12 bucks for a filter, 25 - 50 for oil, about 30 mins of you time.
We are talking about the Duc's not the RC in regards to the expensive service.

the Duc's constantly need to have Valve Adjustments done at the service intervalls so its a little more involved then a simple oil change and retorquing bolts
No, no! They've gotten better. Now the new ones can go 5K before a valve adjustment. Oh, us *****! Always making progress. Somebody please pass the pasta. I'm hungry...
The rc is a great bike but out dated compared to the duc. i like the low cost of the rc, besides who is going to out ride the abilities of the rc???
That would for sure be a tough call. I personally love the sound of the dry clutch on the Duc's. But i think the RC has a better exhaust note. I think its just really a moral dilemma!
On the cover of Sport Bike Magazine (I think. Don't quote me on the rag's title) there's a shootout between the 1098 and the new CBR 1000. Let me give you a quick synopsis: "Of course the 1098 is better, it costs almost twice the $$. What else would you expect for that much dough? Bang for the buck...CBR 1000 is a GREAT bike." My only point is a simple one. Of course the Duc is a better bike, what else would you expect for almost $20K. I'll stick with my Honda, thank you...
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