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I really want an RC51. But every time I seem ready to pull the pin something distracts me. Back in 2000 I was searching for one so I ventured down to Chicago hoping to find a dealer who hadn't sold their allotment. I got as far as Palantine when I found a ragged GSX-R 750 RG Ltd. A couple of years later I had it looking like this...

A few years later I was in the market for a more civilized bike and was thinking I'd have better luck finding an RC. But I found this '02 SV650 with Givi accessories and Two Bros slip-on for $4000. It was at least a V-twin and with the forks from the RG and a Hyperpro shock it was what I was looking for in a bike.

I've started looking for an RC again. I'm not in a hurry and it doesn't have to be local. When I find the right one I'll know... Unless I get distracted by something else again.
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