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sp1/y owned since 2000
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howdy,ive been using the hrc qat tube without changing the housing for the last month and it works fine, but i could hear the cables rubbing on the stock sp1 housing so i found the discontinued housing kit on ebay

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its a larger housing but the main difference is how the cables enter at a better angle into the bottom half to give a straight run for the wider hrc tube. hrc on the right

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hrc housing is on top, it is also narrower internally so the tube has less side to side movement on the bar

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screws are shorter too
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i didn't get hrc cables so the nipples need to be filed down to fit the housing. 7.0 mm stock down to about 5.5mm ( .75mm each side)

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the cable length was fine with just the tube but with the new housing it was too tight with max adjustment. so at the throttle bodies i moved top cables locknut from the right of the cable holder to the left side, this gave enough freeplay to use the handlebar adjuster barrel

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all runs very free now
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