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I’m back in the RC club.

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Hello ladies & gents,

I’ve had many, many bikes over the years, but only two in the list I regret having sold. My ‘05 RC and an ‘89 CB-1.
My brain and heart have been waging war for years… my brain telling me that my nostalgia for the RC is better than actually having one again would be, and that I value my comfort more than I used to and therefore won’t ever ride it. But I could never forget about it.
Several have come and gone that I could have bought, but they just weren’t right for one reason or another.
Well, sure enough, eventually one popped up that was close enough and checked enough boxes to at least go take a look… and of course I bought it.
I was on Speedzilla back in the day but it seems to be pretty quiet these days, so now I’m here. Thanks for having me.
I know everyone loves pics, so here ‘ya go.
My ‘05 that I’ve missed dearly, and the ‘03 that I just picked up (that’s my goofball son sitting on it, not me.. I’m too old to wear sunglasses that cool.. It’s dad shoes for me these days).

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